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Anonymous asked:

as someone who has been cheated on before I don't believe they should be publically shamed. However what they did is not "empowering" or "Ok" in any way shape or form. being cheated on really messed me up for awhile and it made it hard for me to put my trust in any one. Theres a reason why adultery's a sin, its because it fricking hurts someone

My best friend went through three years of hell because her ex cheated on her. To their credit (the ex) they did realize it was wrong and tried to make amends, but it wasn’t working.

It disgusts me on a deep personal level when I see it and I have zero patience for it.


Anonymous asked:

the full Moon Pride was taken off youtube by Toei???


Ouch, looks like. I just checked, and it does indeed say TOEI yanked it.

My guess is it was never intended to stay up forever, only for a few days to generate hype for the series and upcoming single.

Which I think we can all agree it did, and quite admirably.

Pity. Maybe it’ll be back up in official channels after the single’s release. Fingers crossed, at least.

I have it saved to my computer. Not sure how to put it up without toei just taking it down again.




Currently taking the Can we guess who you are in 20 questions? thing, because a couple friends took it. So does this ball pit look like fun? I can’t look at ball pits the same way again after seeing the kerfluffle of DashCon 2014.

Edit: My quiz results were mostly wrong.

Here is our best guess at who you are:
1. You are male.
2. You are still a teenager, but won’t be one for very much longer.
3. You’re in college and are already worried about finding the perfect job that will be both fulfilling and will pay well. Your future worries you more than you’d like to admit.
4. You have beautiful, silky brown hair and big eyes.
5. You know that if you’d only believe in yourself more, things would be much easier for you. Yet you still doubt your instincts more than you should, instead of trusting them every time.

1. You are female.
2. You are currently in your mid fifties.
3. You have a wonderful big family and a deep loving connection with your lifelong partner.
4. You have Short hair, light colored eyes and stylish glasses. 
5. You have long ago decided to live every minute to the fullest. Your life experiences taught you that no moment should be wasted on something or someone you don’t love.

it got #4 right so that’s 1/5 good job quizilla

1. You are male. 
2. You are in currently in your mid 30’s.
3. You are married and just became a parent. You are experiencing exciting days, and more are on their way, but through it all you remain strong, loving and deeply caring. 
4. You have short hair - partly gray, brown eyes and a fit body.
5. You decided long ago that your kids must have a better childhood than the one you had. You know you’ll do anything to make sure of that.

Absolutely nothing right. According to this I’m a 30-something man with grating hair and a fit body who just had a kid.


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